Critical Reflection

Through the CPD module, I had gained a lot of insights from the reading materials, in-class discussions and the weekly assignments given to us. Each class was engaging, interactive and enriching whereby we get to present our ideas and share our thoughts freely with our classmates. I get to work with different and random partners throughout the trimester, people whom I had never really talk to in school, and I actually learnt more about them.

Next, several topics taught in class such as the Thomas-Kilman’s conflict model, verbal and non-verbal communication, personal branding and much more had allowed me to gain awareness of myself. These interpersonal communication topics will help me a lot as I continue to advance in life, especially in my career.

Also, the interpersonal communication group project allows us to boost our thinking skills and work on a topic that is relatable to us. It enables us to share our insights to our class and course mates based on the chosen topic. As there are three specialisations in the hospitality industry, everyone has the different experience in the various specialisation they are in. It has provided a better understanding of different interpersonal communication problems for me, my group and everyone as the showcase of training videos were of different topics through this project.

All in all, the CPD module has greatly prepared us as we progress further in our career. I am glad that I have grown through this module, as I am now able to speak much confidently in front of a crowd than before. However, I know that there are still more rooms for improvement in terms of communication and writing skills for myself. I will keep in mind the various feedback given by Prof. Brad and further improvement myself in future.


One thought on “Critical Reflection

  1. Dear Jasmine,

    Thank you for this detailed, heartfelt reflection on the CPDII module. I’m glad you found so much of it to be useful and that overall the tasks, activities and variations on group work proved to be a good learning experience for you. It also warms my heart, in particular, that the focus on interpersonal communication project was something you felt ‘relatable.’

    I do hope, Jasmine, that you can transfer some of the skills and know-how learned or polished in CPDII to your future study and work.

    Finally, I have appreciated your many contributions during the term, including being willing to present at the showcase.

    All the best as you continue your learning journey!


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